Outsourcing Modes of Engagement

Endure employs several modes of engagement in outsourcing services. Therefore, it is easy to obtain the best value realization from our flexible business models.

In this mode of engagement, Endure provides detailed project documentation in the following fields:

Scope & Solution offered

  • Technical Details
  • Phase of Implementation
  • Project Delivery Schedule
  • Cost to Customer

Our process optimization ensures reliability and predictability. Therefore, we optimize the performance of the projects to deliver on time, budget, and target.

In this mode of engagement, project costs depend on the total project execution time and resources deployed.

This business model is particularly useful in contexts where projects are quite complex and prone to specification and design changes midstream.

This model provides customers with greater flexibility in terms of developing project specifications on an ongoing basis. Thus, customers can modify specifications based on changing market needs.

An offshore development center (ODC) is an extension of a customer engineering center. In this business model, we offer exclusive state-of-the-art infrastructure with connectivity.

  • Dedicated resources with the best skill sets
  • Security and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection
  • All rights to IPR developed in the development facility vest with customers.

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) also provides a cost-effective solution for customers who require continuous offshore support. The software design, development methodologies, schedules, and test plans were developed with mutual consideration. We also implement a standard or customer-specified quality framework. Billing is based on man-month expenses at the contracted rate and expenses approved for on-site work.

  • Project-based (fixed)
  • Flexibility and time-to-market advantages
  • Timely availability of resources for projects (skilled and experienced engineers and appropriate infrastructure, including comprehensive development and testing facilities)
  • Fully transparent operations enable the tracking of project schedules, costs, and risks on an ongoing basis and the timely resolution of issues.
  • Implementation and maintenance of quality standards and practices
  • Substantial reductions in R&D costs (lower fixed costs/overheads with us taking complete responsibility for administrative, staffing, and training functions) of the customer
  • We take complete responsibility for all engineering and project management activities.

A contract is signed for each assignment. The contract includes the following general terms and conditions:

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • The titles and transfers of intellectual property rights involved are spelled.
  • General liabilities of the parties

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